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Taotie Trophies
About the Taotie

Taotie Trophies

Taotie Cup (Grand Prix)
The Taotie Cup aims to award the sports advertising film that is deemed to be absolutely the best creative work of the year. It is selected from all the Gold winners of Taotie Mask Awards both in the Sports Brand and the Non-Sports Brand sections. The Taotie Cup represents the highest honor of this year in the field of creativity for sports advertising. There will be only one Taotie Cup winner for each year.

Taotie Mask Awards
There are three levels for each Taotie Mask Awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze Mask. The Taotie Mask Awards aim to award the top 3 films in each of the 16 categories of awards. It is the highest honor for each single category competitors. Entries for Sports Brand and Non-Sports Brand will be judged separately, and there will be a maximum of 48 winners of the Taotie Mask Awards in total.

Finalist Certificate
All finalists, except for the winners of the Taotie Mask Awards in each category, will be rewarded with a Taotie Awards Finalist Certificate.

These Awards will be given to the entrant company. Other participating parties can order the duplicate trophies via e-mail: or telephone: +86(0)10 6394 1185