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Competition Categories

All advertising films related to sport directly or indirectly, exclusively or partially, are eligible for entry in the competition.

The Taotie Awards competition is divided in two sections: SPORTS BRAND section and NON-SPORTS BRAND section. You may not enter the same film in both SPORTS BRAND section and NON-SPORTS BRAND section.
You can enter each film in only one award category and each film constitutes a separate entry.
The organiser reserves the right to move entries to more appropriate section or categories of awards if necessary.

SPORTS BRAND refers all kinds of sports products & services, including athletic footwear, sportswear, sport cars, sports goods stores, sports Lottery, sport equipment, sports & health clubs, sports teams, sports events(international or local sports competition, official or non-official sports meetings), sports media, publishing & production (newspapers, magazines, books, TV/Radio programs & stations) and Public Interest ads related to sport.

NON-SPORTS BRAND refers to all kinds of products & services other than Sports Brands' offer, only if the film related to sport directly or indirectly, can it be submitted. The concept of the film may originate from sports events, athletes or sports funs, or people talking about sport. NON-SPORTS BRAND section includes also Public Interest ads related to sport.

Under the SPORTS BRAND and NON-SPORTS BRAND sections, there are 8 categories of awards for each, and in each category the 3 films with the highest scores will be rewarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Taotie Mask Awards. There are a maximum of 48 winners of Taotie Mask Awards in total and 1 winner of the Taotie Cup (Grand Prix). The Taotie Cup will award the best film among the winners of Gold Taotie Mask Awards.

Categories of Awards for SPORTS BRAND section
S01. Best International Creativity Film
S02. Best Event Film
S03. Best Olympic Film
S04. Best Internet Film
S05. Best Public Interest Film
S06. Best Humor Film
S07. Best Animation Film
S08. Best Direction

Categories of Awards for NON-SPORTS BRAND section
N01. Best International Creativity Film
N02. Best Event Film
N03. Best Olympic Film
N04. Best Internet Film
N05. Best Public Interest Film
N06. Best Humor Film
N07. Best Animation Film
N08. Best Direction

Guide to Categories of Awards
Best International Creativity Film: All sports advertising films created for TV or cinema transmission.
Best Event Film: All advertising films created for promotion of international or local sports events, e.g. Olympic Games, World Cup, WTA or other official and non-official sports meetings. Promotional films for cities bidding to host the Olympic Games also included.
Best Olympic Film: All Olympic-themed films, from the official Olympics, Paralympics, Youth Olympic Games or Special Olympics commercials, to all films that help to promote Olympic esprit and its values, to spread the Olympic art and culture, and all other films related to Olympic events or stories. 
Best Internet Film: All sports advertising films created originally for the internet. This excludes films that were originally created for TV or cinema transmission and which have subsequently been posted on the internet.
Best Public Interest Film: All Public Interest films related to sport directly or indirectly. It covers charity, volunteers, Red Cross, blood & organ donation, Anti-smoking, anti-drugs, road safety, health, hygiene, Aids awareness, state education, racial, ethnic & disability awareness, sex equality, environmental awareness, etc.
Best Humor Film: All sports advertising films which make use of comedic writing, performances, and visuals.
Best Animation Film: All sports advertising films created with traditional or modern animation techniques.
Best Direction: The director's contribution, encompassing all areas of craft, in enhancing the story and making the idea stronger.

Selection Criteria
The Taotie Awards entries are judged on the basis of two criteria only: the originality of the creative idea and the quality of its execution.