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Competition Rules

Eligibility Airdates
To celebrate the coming of the exciting Olympic year, the eligibility airdates for 2016 Taotie Awards entries will exceptionally cover the period between London and Rio Olympic Games.
Aired: July 1, 2012 - May 31, 2016

All advertising films related to sport directly or indirectly, exclusively or partially, are eligible for entry in the Taotie Awards competition.

The competition is open to advertising agencies, production companies, advertisers, or any company and organisation involved in the creative process of the entries throughout the world.

Entries cannot be submitted without the prior permission of the advertiser/owner of the rights of the films.

You may enter each film in only one section, SPORTS BRAND section or NON-SPORTS BRAND section. In the same section, you may enter each film in only one category of awards.

Only one party may enter a given film. This is to be agreed in advance between the parties concerned. If the same film is submitted by two different entrant companies, only the first entry will be accepted.

The organiser reserves the rights to disqualify entries which offend national, religious, cultural, racial feelings or public taste.

Entries which have infringed any of its country of origin's voluntary or regulatory codes of practice are not eligible.

Except for it's English subtitles, the entry submitted must be in the exact form it was broadcast. Any work created solely for the purpose of entering this competition is not eligible. Director's cuts are not eligible.

Entries previously entered into the Taotie Awards will not be accepted.

The organiser reserves the right to move entries to more appropriate section or categories of awards if necessary.

All entry forms must be completed online at and all films should be submitted digitally via upload through this website.

The first 3 entries of each entrant company are free. Entry forms sent online will not be considered a complete entry until the film is uploaded and the entry has been paid for if the number of your entries exceeds 3. Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstance.

In the case of a query by the Jury, the entrant will be required to provide documentary evidence to prove eligibility of entry.

All the licenses, music, lyrics, rights of portrait must be secured and should have a proof of permitted document to use in the Taotie Awards competition if a dispute arises. The entrant is responsible for licenses to be secured.

The Taotie Awards jury will consist of top international creatives, directors, producers, leaders in sport business, athletes and sports celebrities, as well as representatives from the most respected advertising, marketing trade press and sports media of the world.

All judges will evaluate and score the entries on the Taotie Awards online voting platform. The entries will be judged on the basis of two criteria only: the originality of the creative idea and the quality of its execution.

The finalist will be decided by the first round of voting. Further voting will establish the ranking in each category of awards which is the basis for the Juries' discussions and awarding of Gold, Silver and Bronze Taotie Awards. The Taotie Cup (Grand Prix) will be selected from all the Gold winners of the 2 sections.

At all voting stages, a judge may not vote for entries submitted by his/her company in his/her country.

The juries have the right not to give an award if they feel none of the works meets the standards.

The decision of the Juries in all matters relating to the awarding of prizes will be final and binding.

NEW: Entries in the Best Internet Film Category, for both SPORTS BRAND section and NON-SPORTS BRAND section, will be judged by the Student Grand Jury, consisting of students from about 15 classes of the most prestigious and dynamic universities or schools around the world. One representative class per university or school will participate in the vote. Each class of students will be assisted and coordinated by a professor. The Student Grand Jury will decide the winners of the first Taotie Student Choice Award.

The Taotie Awards competition is divided in two sections: SPORTS BRAND section and NON-SPORTS BRAND section. You may enter each film in only one section and one category of awards.

Under the SPORTS BRAND and NON-SPORTS BRAND sections, there are 8 categories of awards for each, and in each category the 3 films with the highest scores will be rewarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Taotie Mask Awards. There are a maximum of 48 winners of the Taotie Mask Awards in total and 1 winner of the Taotie Cup (Grand Prix). The Taotie Cup will award the best film among the winners of Gold Taotie Mask Awards.

All awards will be given to the entrant companies. Duplicate trophies can be purchased by other participating parties after the Festival. All finalists, except for the winners of the Taotie Mask Awards in each category, will receive a certificate.

In the event of a win, any duties, fees and charges accrued from the transporting of the trophy, will be covered by the recipient, not the organiser.

Material Requirements
Entries must be uploaded as a .MOV or .MP4 file through our website at

It is in your interests to provide the jury with a high quality file version of your film.

No agency branding or any contributing creative companies/people (logos, credits etc.) must be visible on the film except for self-promotion entries.

Make sure there is black at the beginning and end of the entry.

No slates, clocks or freezes can be included in your film.

Please do not include any special characters (& / : / “”) in your file name.

The maximum length of a film entry is 5 minutes.

For entries in languages other than English, it is strongly recommended that translations be included in the film as subtitles, white-on-black if possible. If this cannot be done, please provide an English translation in your entry form.

These are the preferred specifications for your movie file uploads:
Resolution: 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p)
Codec: H.264
Sound: AAC 48KHz
Maximum file size: 512 MB

Treatment and Publication of Entries
All the materials submitted become the property of the organiser and cannot be returned.

All entrants authorize the organiser to copy, scan, digitalise and otherwise duplicate their entries in whatever form and to use such material with or without charge for public or private presentations, exhibitions, screenings, publications, broadcasts, DVDs and on the Internet or mobile phone in order to promote the Taotie Awards and to propagate the results of the competition.

Under no circumstances shall the organiser be held responsible for the payment of royalties or other charges in connection with the aforementioned activities. Each entrant agrees to hold the organiser harmless against any claims concerning the material in this respect.

Each entrant undertakes to allow the lending or selling by the organiser of the entries to any interested public or private organization with a view to promoting the Taotie Awards either directly or indirectly.

If a third party wishes to publish/broadcast or copy the entered ad(s), the organiser retains the licensing fee.

Each entrant confirms to the organiser that they have the legal right to enter the Festival on the terms of these Competition Rules. Each entrant indemnifies the organiser against all liability to any other person, firm or company and all loss arising from a breach by the entrant of any of these rules.

All entrants will strictly observe the Competition Rules. Non-compliance with any of the Competition Rules will result in automatic disqualification of the entry.

The decisions of the organiser in all matters relating to the International Sports Advertising Film Festival shall be final and binding.

For further Taotie Awards entry assistance, please email the Taotie Awards Team at: