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About the Founder
About the Taotie Awards

About the Taotie Awards

In 2008, the Olympic Games made a national dream come true in China.

At the time, we had also a wonderful dream: launching an international sports advertising film show in Beijing during the Olympic Games.

Our initiative was received enthusiastically by numerous friends in the international advertising industry and sport-related institutions from around the world. Their enthusiasm went far beyond our craziest expectations and to this day, we have remained deeply moved by their reaction.

People sent us their creative work from Greece, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia and Mexico, countries which had already organized the Olympic Games, but also from Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, New Zealand, Norway, Chili, Columbia and even from Cuba. The number of all these countries was much higher than those countries which took part in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

How powerful is the strength of sport and creativity put together!

Actually, our idea was very simple. While the big event was taking place in Beijing, we would have wanted to express our heartfelt respect to the Olympics and to all the athletes of the world, to celebrate this historic moment, using the passionate creativity of sports advertising.

For us, sports advertising is a unique world made of beauty and strength, passion and impact, humor and wisdom, in which are reflected our dreams of friendship and love.

Unfortunately, our dream fell short of its first meeting with the Olympic Games in Beijing. But fortunately, sport taught us never to give up and we learned from creativity that passion is life.
In July 14, 2001, the day after Beijing's successful bidding for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, the Taotie Show entered for the first time the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square. The exciting creativity from around the world was applauded by 7000 young spectators.

For nearly 20 years in China, we have passionately organized the Taotie Show, an international advertising film show with the aim of spreading the culture of creativity among the youth. Our perseverance has made many young Chinese fall in love with ad culture and go crazy about creativity. Year after year, the part of our show related to sport never failed to arouse the passion of the whole audience.

It is the reason why, in our hearts, the dream born in 2008 has never left us. It has been growing day after day and has got more and more pregnant.

With the coming of the London Olympic Games in 2012, the flame of the first Taotie Awards was also lit. The launch of the "Sport Brand" and "Non-Sports Brand" concept in competition met a great success with all participants. In 2014, the first Taotie Awards winners were honored and applauded in the Olympic city of Beijing, among all the students and communication professionals at Renmin (People's) University, one of the most prestigious universities in China.

Congratulations to all winners and once more, I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone and every institution from around the world that has helped make this unique platform for sport and creativity. Thank you and welcome to the 2nd Taotie Sports Ad Awards celebration in Beijing during a new Olympic year.

Yuning Qi
Founder and Festival Director