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2016 Taotie Entry categories: Best Olympic Film or Best Event Film?

To celebrate the quadrennial Olympic year, the Taotie Awards has launched two new categories of awards including the Best Olympic Film. But what exactly is an Olympic-themed ad film which could be entered in this category? And regarding an Olympic film, is it possible to submit it in other categories than the Best Olympic Film category?

 “Since each film can be entered in only one category of awards, it’s important for the entrant company to choose the most suitable one. At the first edition of the Taotie Awards competition, the Olympic-themed film was not an independent category. The related entries were divided into different categories, Best Event Film, Best Public Interest Film, or Best International Creativity Film, for example,” said Bruce Gan, Awards Manager of the Taotie Sports Ad Awards. According to him, all films related to Olympic sporting events, to promotion of Olympic values or to Olympic stories can be entered in this new category. This includes the commercials for the official Olympics, Paralympics, Youth Olympic Games or Special Olympics, promotional films for cities bidding to host the Olympic Games, video for National Olympic Teams, or all films with a creative story related to Olympic spirit, art, culture or heritage, to Olympic celebrities or athletes, to Olympic cities and so on. 

Commenting on the Best Olympic Film category, Bruce Gan said, “We look forward to receiving more work in this new category for the Olympic year’s celebration. Of course, entrant companies can enter an Olympic film in one of the seven other categories of awards instead of the Best Olympic Film category. It totally depends on the choice of each entrant company. The only restriction is that each work can be entered in only one category. We sincerely hope that sports ad creation from every country could join us to make together the Taotie Awards a wonderful ‘Olympic Games’ of creativity. ”