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Taotie Student Choice Award warmly supported by the industry

The first Taotie Student Choice Award, on the initiative of Mr. Yuning Qi, founder of the Taotie Sports Ad Awards, is warmly supported by the entrant companies from around the world. Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, India, New Zealand, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA displayed their enthusiasm for this award dedicated to the Best Internet Sports Ad Film category. 

“The sport ad is always appreciated by the youth of the world,” said Yuning Qi. “It could be funny, impressive, emotional or enlightening. Sometimes, it might change the way young people view a sport or encourage them to look at life from a different perspective. The students’ vote may be quite different from the result the professionals of the industry could give, but that difference may constitute precisely the true value of the Student Choice Award.”

Entries in the Best Internet Film Category, for both SPORTS BRAND section and NON-SPORTS BRAND section, will be judged by the Student Grand Jury, consisting of students from about 15 classes of the most prestigious and dynamic universities or schools around the world. One representative class per university or school will participate in the vote. Each class of students will be assisted and coordinated by a professor. The Student Grand Jury will decide the winners of the first Taotie Student Choice Award, which will be announced at the awards ceremony in Beijing.  

The preparations are going well. Please contact us at if your university or school is interested in the vote, or if you have an interesting university or school to suggest to us.